I'm software engineer based in Tokyo, Japan, developing mobile and front-end application. In my personal life, I'm sunday programmer and often create unuseful mobile application or web application using technologies which I interested in. I like Processing and interactive pieces by code. Here, I put some works I created for enjoyment using p5js etc.

Additionally, I'm amateur plastic model kit builder. I've started building the kit since 2018 and mainly build up Gumpla. I also posted my works here.



Gallery of my art pieces programmed by Processing or p5js. I daub and practice designing attractive application and creating interactive content here.


This is infographic application that shows all of Tokyo Metro lines and how they now work. I developed it for "Tokyo Metro - Open Data Contest" using Tokyo Metro API publiched tentativly for the contest. (So, API will be closed at March 2015.)

Aunglar Clock Watch Face (Android only)

This is simple & cool digital watch face for Android Wear inspired by "Loft", Japanese company.

VSCode Mermaid Editor Extension

Mermaid Editor is vscode extension for editing mermaid.js diagram inspired by official mermaid live editor. This extension provides live preview and creating the image file.